P90X2 Day 29 – Chest + Back + Balance

Recovery week is over and I’m really happy to back in full swing exercise mode with Phase 2 Strength.

Today’s workouts are Chest + Back + Balance followed by Ab Ripper X2 in the evening. I burned 685 calories this morning and 174 this evening so pretty intense all around.

I surprised myself with many of the Chest + Back + Balance routines in getting solid numbers. Typical Tony Horton loads of push-ups and pull ups. Nice variety and adding stability and med balls for a challenge. I did the 4 med ball push ups without any major problems. The killer move for me was the impossible/possible. I got 1 fell off and got another. Pretty poor but not unexpected – perhaps that was my problem- my mind got in the way. I’ll be looking to get about 12 of these. I may even pause the DVD next time to try and get better at this.

A challenging workout out that has left me, today Tuesday, sore in all the right places. With Ab ripper I made sure to keep my core engaged more so than last phase and it paid off. I completed Plyocide this morning and it was more brutal than ever especially on burpees and using my upper body. It ached when I used my upper body but I powered through.

I’d like to know anyone else’s experience with this workout. I’ve sprung for the deluxe DVD so next week I have V Sculpt instead. That means for me Phase 2 is likely to be 6 weeks long as I have 2 different weeks in this phase.

Yours in fitness & health


Tony Mac