P90X2 – Journey to Day 90 and a little bit further

Sunday 8th February is day 90 of my P90X2 journey and I’m not done yet! No I’m not panicking and yes I am in better shape than Day 1.

P90X2 differs from others in the series by staying in a phase between 3-6 weeks. I stayed in Phase 1 for 3 weeks, a rest week and then Phase 2. I had purchased the deluxe package of P90X2 which included V Sculpt (swapped out for Chest+Back+Balance) and Chest+Shoulders+Tris (swapped out for Shoulder+Arms). I have to say I made a mistake of doing these alternatively every week. I should have stuck to 3 weeks of the original and 3 weeks of the deluxe. It was too much muscle confusion and I never mastered the Impossible/Possible to the level I wanted. Doing it 3 weeks in a row may have helped more than doing it every other week. Anyway you live and learn.

I didn’t do a recovery week and I had been feeling fine. So I moved straight into Phase 3 and I am loving PAP. It’s really challenging but I am moving great. I’ve also flipped back to the mobility DVD for the duration of Phase 3. I plan on doing 4 weeks total of PAP and if I feel ok I’ll do a 5th followed by a rest week of yoga and active recovery sessions.

The next programme, wait for it….. is Insanity The Asylum Vol 1. I’ve never done this programme but from my research it follows the same athletic training core value as P90x2 – no PAP but some tough workouts with agility ladder, pull ups, skipping ropes and weights with the usual Shaun T intense cardio.

I know I haven’t posted up any reviews on P90x2 Phase 2 or 3 but I will get to them

Oh and by the by, there’s a great calorie burn on these workouts in easily getting 700-800 per workout in Phase 2 and 3. I’ll do my averages at the end of the programme!

Yours in health and fitness


Tony Mac