P90X2 Calorie Burn

Afternoon folks

It’s been a busy few weeks and I have eventually got around to calculating my calorie burn for each of the P90X2 workouts.  I’ve attached it in the pdf and honestly it ain’t too shabby.  Some great burns and my results were excellent.  Better all around my core and in much better shape to attach Insanity The Asylum Vol 1 – that’s my current programme.  I thought I would tackle a programme with focuses on athleticism like P90X2.

Although the P90X2 workouts were providing great calorie burns I can see why it gets knocked for having a poor calorie burn on a weekly basis.  There are 2 recovery and mobility days which can bring the weekly total calorie burn down.  But you are spent those other workout days.  But I can’t complain I loved the programme and think its a great follow on from P90X3 for many people.

I’ll post a comprehensive review of Insanity the Asylum in the coming days as I almost have it complete.  Its a very short programme that really delivers.

Yours in health & fitness

Tony Mac


P90X2 Average Calorie Burn

PS I should not that I lost 3 kg and gained a few inches on biceps and chest but lost inches on my waist hips and legs.  The results posted are for a 33 year old male at 69Kg.


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