Ok so it’s been a while

Hey Folks

Quite simply it’s been too long since I blogged. So many reasons, some I can’t get into, some I will get into as I have restarted blogging as I’m going to try and use this as journal going forward. Not just a fitness blog but a life blog. Daily trials and tribulations of being a dad, coping with PTSD, depression, anxiety and autism.

I’m not going to promise daily blogs, at a minimum one a week is very doable.

Bear with me as I settle back into life and hopefully share my experiences.

So a quick recap of my current situation. My youngest has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and would be classed as moderate – severe autism. I too have had a moderate diagnosis. Still alive and in counselling. Fitness wise I’m carb cycling and on week 2 of P90X.

Watch out for more soon. Feel free to ask me questions I will do my best to answer them.

Yours in health and fitness

Tony Mac



Some Background on moi

Greetings from Sunny Belfast – not too often said especially in November

So time to share a little about me!

I’m Tony McCloskey, live in Belfast with my wife, 2 kids, dog and cockatiel. I’ve been in they gym scene for about 10 years now, post university is when it go serious. At school I was rubbish at sports – still am in fairness and was never on any teams playing competitively. My fitness journey didn’t start until post uni and I went in big I did the Belfast City Marathon in a relay team. What an experience I trained on the treadmill for weeks and when it came to do my 6 miles I was slaughtered but enjoyed the experience. I went back got training properly and the following year did the full Marathon in a time of 3:27. I bounced around the gym for a year or two before I got into bodybuilding which I stuck at for 5 years. At the end of 5 years I was massive, a 46 inch chest and 38 inch waist, benching a 1rm of 130kg etc. Almost 3 years ago my wife and I were expecting our second child and I decided it wouldn’t be fair going forward to be spending an hour in the gym everyday. So I stopped bodybuilding, cut down on the gym and cut my portions. In 3 months I went from an XL to a Medium. Our son was born and the gym completely fell away. A few months passed and I was missing the gym but life was happening, the house was busy, work was busy and I just didn’t make the time. As the baby settled into a sleeping pattern I got up with him early in the morning. One morning in January 2013 at around 6 I was hopping around the channels finding something to watch when I came upon a BeachBody commercial for Insanity. It got me interested I researched it online and thought brilliant I’ll order it which I did. So it arrived and sat in our spare room until June 2013 when I eventually opened it out of the box. I started it, nearly died but kept pushing playing and lost inches and about 7 kg. I ordered P90X, completed it and did the same with Focus T25 and as of 8 Nov I will have completed 2 rounds of P90x3 including the Elite Block.

I made the the time to do workouts in the morning at 6am. I’ve built up my arsenal of fitness equipment and done loads of varied nutrition.

I’ll be doing a quick review of P90x3 shortly and will be starting P90x2 on the 9 Nov.

That’s my journey so far and it all hasn’t gone smoothly, life has happened things change but I’m still here pushing play, showing up and being consistent. I love the BeachBody programmes I’ve done so far and look forward to sharing my experiences of them, my fitness equipment, nutrition, supplements and life with you all.

If you have any questions please just comment below.

Yours in fitness and health