P90X2 Week 2 Thoughts & What’s your breakfast?

Saturday morning X2 Balance & Power in the books. This week I’ve upped just about every number in my workouts, be it weights or reps while still maintaining proper form and engagement. Really concentrating on that last point during X2 as a stable and engaged core means you can do the exercises without injury. Many exercises leave you open and exposed, to heavy a weight and bang goes a knee or your back. Injuries are not cool. The most I’ve used in X2 so far is 25lbs and that was rocket launcher bicep curls, everything else is on average 15lbs.

Also what you need to remember in X2 is that you are engaging a lot of smaller stabilising muscle. These are typically smaller and can burn out quickly so light weights throughout.

So onto breakfast, the top pic is my typical breakfast. It’s simply course cut oats in water (50g hence the scales) with cinnamon. The cinnamon is a natural fat burner. I then usually add something to it. At the minute it’s granola, Fuel to be exact. I normally take half a handful of it as it can contain loads of sugar. This one also contains some chocolate (part of my daily fix). Other times it’s a handful of fresh berries normally blueberries. I’ve never used frozen fruit as the processing rapidly increases the sugar content so be careful.

When heading out cycling a like a good stodgy breakfast so I normally take oats in water, cinnamon, blueberries and a handful of Fuel granola. I let the cooked oats soak into the granola and berries. Delicious and keeps me going on long cycles.

The question is what’s your typical breakfast?

Yours in fitness & health


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