Belated Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all my subscribers and followers. I hope 2014 was good for you, if not may 2015 be everything and more than you can imagine!

Apologies for not blogging until now, the end of 2014 was beyond super busy for me. I’m still pushing play everyday and getting through Phase 2 of P90X2.

I’m not one for a lot of New Years resolutions but being super busy at the end of 2014 I’ve decided in 2015 in going to join the 5am club! Simply that’s getting up and getting my day started at 5am. Now I had been getting up at 6am so now it’s an extra hour to my day. I’m not going to start by getting up immediately at 5am instead I’m doing it gradually. So from Monday 5 Jan I’ve been getting up at 5:45am and each week I will shave 15 minutes off until I’m up at 5am.

What am I going to do with this extra hour? Prepare for the day ahead – I’ll be catching up on reading, some writing and audio books including podcasts like TED talks. I’ll still be doing my 6am workouts but I’ll be a better position for a more productive day.

I don’t intend to get up everyday at 5am only weekdays, my weekends I’ll treat myself to that extra hour in bed.

Anyone else up for the challenge? If so drop me a line and let’s see what we can achieve as accountability partners!

Yours in fitness and health!


Tony Mac



Early morning workouts

When I’m talking about my fitness regime I often get asked where I fit in my workouts and when I say I do them at 6am I get a strange look as if I have just gone mad.

It’s a habit now but it started because I had the interest and motivation to get fit at a time that allowed zero impact on my family life. 6am it was, done and dusted out of the way so my family and I can get on with the day.

But guess what there are days when I go “urgh” but I’ve never had a bad workout once I get up and start.

My number 1 tip prepare the night before. Leave you our workout gear, nothing as bad as stumbling about awakening people as you try to find a pair of shorts. Before I got to bed I lift out all my clothes and trainers for the next day. I also put in workout DVD and leave it at the start of the programme – BeachBody sort out those disclaimers popping up every time. If you need any equipment other than a jump mat leave it out too; Dumbbells, pull up station etc.

Also as soon as you get up have a glass of water before you workout. You’ve just been asleep for, hopefully 8 hours, you are dehydrated and training like that is not good.

You may wish to consider a preworkout, caffeine shot, apple or banana etc to get you going. Yup I take preworkouts, not every day just the odd days I’ve gone for programmes without them but sometimes there are mornings I really struggle. I do urge caution with them they need cycled and watch ingredient lists. As a former body builder I used to take these preworkouts a lot of the time and many brands gave me explosive diarrhoea – it was due to caffeine content, magnesium and creatine monohydrate. If you do want to use preworkouts please be careful and perhaps get a sample before you blow your hard earned £’s on it.

Keep your bedtime consistent, if you are aiming for a 6am start you need to be in bed and asleep for 10pm. A good nights sleep is invaluable in being refreshed and ready to give your best.

Think of the results – you are only at most 90 days away from the results you want and deserve. Commit to getting up and track your progress, as you see progress this will motivate you to get up.

Just a few points on what has helped me, it’s not rocket science and as I said before do it for yourself and what works for you. Perhaps an evening workout suits you, if it does that’s great (just watch those preworkouts before bed). Get the workouts done, feel great and see the results!

Yours in fitness and health

Tony Mac