P90X2 – Journey to Day 90 and a little bit further

Sunday 8th February is day 90 of my P90X2 journey and I’m not done yet! No I’m not panicking and yes I am in better shape than Day 1.

P90X2 differs from others in the series by staying in a phase between 3-6 weeks. I stayed in Phase 1 for 3 weeks, a rest week and then Phase 2. I had purchased the deluxe package of P90X2 which included V Sculpt (swapped out for Chest+Back+Balance) and Chest+Shoulders+Tris (swapped out for Shoulder+Arms). I have to say I made a mistake of doing these alternatively every week. I should have stuck to 3 weeks of the original and 3 weeks of the deluxe. It was too much muscle confusion and I never mastered the Impossible/Possible to the level I wanted. Doing it 3 weeks in a row may have helped more than doing it every other week. Anyway you live and learn.

I didn’t do a recovery week and I had been feeling fine. So I moved straight into Phase 3 and I am loving PAP. It’s really challenging but I am moving great. I’ve also flipped back to the mobility DVD for the duration of Phase 3. I plan on doing 4 weeks total of PAP and if I feel ok I’ll do a 5th followed by a rest week of yoga and active recovery sessions.

The next programme, wait for it….. is Insanity The Asylum Vol 1. I’ve never done this programme but from my research it follows the same athletic training core value as P90x2 – no PAP but some tough workouts with agility ladder, pull ups, skipping ropes and weights with the usual Shaun T intense cardio.

I know I haven’t posted up any reviews on P90x2 Phase 2 or 3 but I will get to them

Oh and by the by, there’s a great calorie burn on these workouts in easily getting 700-800 per workout in Phase 2 and 3. I’ll do my averages at the end of the programme!

Yours in health and fitness


Tony Mac


P90X2 Day 29 – Chest + Back + Balance

Recovery week is over and I’m really happy to back in full swing exercise mode with Phase 2 Strength.

Today’s workouts are Chest + Back + Balance followed by Ab Ripper X2 in the evening. I burned 685 calories this morning and 174 this evening so pretty intense all around.

I surprised myself with many of the Chest + Back + Balance routines in getting solid numbers. Typical Tony Horton loads of push-ups and pull ups. Nice variety and adding stability and med balls for a challenge. I did the 4 med ball push ups without any major problems. The killer move for me was the impossible/possible. I got 1 fell off and got another. Pretty poor but not unexpected – perhaps that was my problem- my mind got in the way. I’ll be looking to get about 12 of these. I may even pause the DVD next time to try and get better at this.

A challenging workout out that has left me, today Tuesday, sore in all the right places. With Ab ripper I made sure to keep my core engaged more so than last phase and it paid off. I completed Plyocide this morning and it was more brutal than ever especially on burpees and using my upper body. It ached when I used my upper body but I powered through.

I’d like to know anyone else’s experience with this workout. I’ve sprung for the deluxe DVD so next week I have V Sculpt instead. That means for me Phase 2 is likely to be 6 weeks long as I have 2 different weeks in this phase.

Yours in fitness & health


Tony Mac

P90X2 Day 18 – Planning Recovery Week

It doesn’t seem as if it’s been almost 3 weeks since I began this P90X2 journey. I’ve really enjoyed the workouts thus far, however I am rapidly loosing enthusiasm for Recovery & Mobility. It’s twice a week and will have done it 6 times by the end of week 3. Recovery week means you do it 4 out of 7 days. That’s where I am at now; the cusp of recovery week. Phase 1 is recommended for between 3 and 6 weeks, coming off the back of P90x3 my core is good and I’ve upped weights and reps in every exercise in the workouts. I’m ready to move on after 3 weeks

I am not impressed by P90X2 recovery week it’s very different from X and X3 recovery weeks. P90x2 alternates daily for the week between Recovery & Mobility and yoga. X and X3 have a variety of workouts during said week. I enjoy variety and getting bored of X2 recovery and mobility is not making me look forward to next week. So what to do? I’m going to do the following routine for the week:

Monday: P90X3 dynamix
Tuesday: P90x2 Yoga
Wednesday: P90x X Stretch
Thursday: P90X Yoga – yoga only
Friday: P90X Yoga – balance section only
Saturday: P90x3 yoga
Sunday: Recovery & Mobility

Hopefully this will combine a good variety across this week. Recovery & Mobility may end up being just foam rolling under my own instruction, that will be the plan for Phase 2 & 3 also.

Regardless I’m loving these routines, they are challenging and with variety. I’m looking forward to phase 2 which will be 4 weeks and then another recovery week.

Keep bringing it, why? Because you can.

Yours in health & fitness


Tony MacIMG_1131.JPG

P90X2 Week 2 Thoughts & What’s your breakfast?

Saturday morning X2 Balance & Power in the books. This week I’ve upped just about every number in my workouts, be it weights or reps while still maintaining proper form and engagement. Really concentrating on that last point during X2 as a stable and engaged core means you can do the exercises without injury. Many exercises leave you open and exposed, to heavy a weight and bang goes a knee or your back. Injuries are not cool. The most I’ve used in X2 so far is 25lbs and that was rocket launcher bicep curls, everything else is on average 15lbs.

Also what you need to remember in X2 is that you are engaging a lot of smaller stabilising muscle. These are typically smaller and can burn out quickly so light weights throughout.

So onto breakfast, the top pic is my typical breakfast. It’s simply course cut oats in water (50g hence the scales) with cinnamon. The cinnamon is a natural fat burner. I then usually add something to it. At the minute it’s granola, Fuel to be exact. I normally take half a handful of it as it can contain loads of sugar. This one also contains some chocolate (part of my daily fix). Other times it’s a handful of fresh berries normally blueberries. I’ve never used frozen fruit as the processing rapidly increases the sugar content so be careful.

When heading out cycling a like a good stodgy breakfast so I normally take oats in water, cinnamon, blueberries and a handful of Fuel granola. I let the cooked oats soak into the granola and berries. Delicious and keeps me going on long cycles.

The question is what’s your typical breakfast?

Yours in fitness & health


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P90X2 Week 1 Results

A week of P90X2 Phase 1 – Complete and accounted for.  To be fair going back to hour workouts has been tough, but a week into it and I’m actually feeling much better than expected.  Weight wise I haven’t gained or lost, but purely on looks my core is significantly more toned and my shoulders are looking leaner.  I have to admit Saturday my legs, particularly my shins where very sore.

This programme has been supplemented with a good diet and adding a new greens juice.  I’ll post a recipe for that later.

Apologies for not posting this yesterday but it was hectic with a day out at the Armagh Planetarium to a Doctor Who Fan Event – Dimensions In Time.  A phenomenal event organised by the Emerald Garrison, our oldest loved the Tardis Console, the Doctors, the aliens and the atmosphere.  The youngest, eh, he wasn’t so fussed but then this is a little guy scared of Santa Claus!

So week one had a total calorie burn of 3,851.  Reviewing this against both P90X and Insanity this is a similar calorie burn but bear in mind there are only 4 intense workouts, one active recovery day (yoga) and 2 stretch/Recovery & Mobility workouts.  Focus T25 was less than half of this although thats to be expected.  One of the biggest complaints I ever heard about P90X2 is lack of calorie burn, one week in and I can’t find that to be true.  I will be keeping a weekly review of this and keeping an eye on it.

This morning was X2 Core again and I can happily say I upped all my numbers from last week in all exercises apart from the last one – one legged med ball burpees.  I just can’t do 12 in the time allowed, so I think next week it will be doing 12 in whatever time it takes. Sorry Tony but…I…will…just…have…to…pause..you, ok I’ll stop that as its annoying to type and equally read.

Looking forward to upping all my numbers this week.

Today I also used the last of my BSN NO Xplode V3 – our youngest was up late and therefore so was I and needed a little kick start this morning.  I’ll also be doing a review on it this week.

Until the next blog, yours in fitness & health


Tony Mac

P90X2 Day 6 – X2 Balance & Power

736 calories burned in 63 minutes. That’s the power of this workout, by far the biggest burn this week and what a workout. Again pure core engagement throughout the workout. I struggled with split lunges as the stability ball just would not stay in the right place and the crawly crab press as I just couldn’t get up on the elbow with a 10lb weight so I had to drop the weight.

There were 3 rounds and no repeated moves here finishing up with a bonus round that again saw be struggle with a plank ball crunch.

But again this is the first time I have completed this workout so struggling and finding my place is to be expected.

Tomorrow is back to Recovery & Mobility, I’ll have a good idea of my weekly calorie burn at this stage and hopefully compare it to some of the other programs I have. I’m going to be repeated this week a further 2 times and assessing then whether to complete a recovery week or repeat for another week. Moving on to phase 2 strength requires a good core stability and strength, if it’s not there phase 2 won’t be effective and I will possibly end up injured. The last thing I have ever wanted to do is injure myself especially my back, once it’s gone it can’t be healed.

That brings me on to one of the real strengths of this programme you do up 6 weeks in phases not like the other programmes where it’s 3 weeks and recovery week in each phase. That really disappointed me in P90x3 was some great workouts like The Warrior and incinerator were only done 3 weeks total. I loved those workouts and would love to have seen more of them.

As I mentioned tomorrow is Recovery & mobility, I won’t be doing a post on it just my weekly total calorie burn and some general notes. Next week I’ll be posting about my arsenal of fitness equipment, supplements and nutrition.

Yours in health & fitness


Tony Mac

P90X2 X2 Yoga Day 5

A beast of a yoga workout at 67 minutes long, nothing to the behemoth that is P90X yoga. I’ll be doing a blog on P90x yoga and the alternatives to it.

To day saw a calorie burn of 450 and 32%. That’s much better than I expected.

To those familiar with yoga moves this really isn’t anything new, but still a very refreshing fast paced routine. You do tend to sit in poses for a while and can get some really good stretches too.

The few ab routines were not welcome after yesterday’s ab ripper routine and I did struggle with them. My core wasn’t sore this morning but working it out further seems a bit like overkill.

Unlike yoga in P90x and x3 there doesn’t seem to be any balance routine but perhaps that’s because of tomorrow’s Balance & Power routine.

Until tomorrow

Yours in health & fitness


Tony Mac