Getting Started in 2015 – My Recommendations

2015 is well underway any many people will have made the resolution to get in shape, lose that weight or get summer body ready.

For those who have never darkened a gym it may seem like an overwhelming task, taking that first step and committing to a new healthier and fitter lifestyle. Many will even be put off by the cattle market that is a gym in January; so for those people I have 3 phenomenal recommendations to help you get started on your fitness journey.

These recommendations have no costly monthly memberships to gyms or health clubs. They are not fad diets or workouts. They are well designed integrated programmes that not only provide great workouts in short times but also nutrition plans. You will find that 70% of your results are nutrition based and the other 30% are exercise based.

So my first recommendation – P90!


That’s the updated version of the old Power 90, reworked and updated for the latest fitness knowledge and experience. It’s by my favourite trainer Mr Tony Horton. This is not an extreme programme – no pull ups. It’s described as the on switch to fitness. It’s broken down into 3 blocks and there are 2 different roads you can choose Sweat (cardio based) and Sculpt (resistance based). I’d recommend starting at Sweat then once it’s completed move to Sculpt. BeachBody include a resistance band to get started but I’d recommend getting more bands or some dumbbells. Also there’s a modifier in each workout so you don’t have to jump in straight away – modify to stay in the game. I do it there’s no reason not too.

Each road has 3 phases and you only move into to the next phase once you’ve mastered the current one. So potentially that’s 180 days of fitness taken care of. The first phase is only 25mins a day – sweet. Then it ramps up to 30 and 40 in the next 2 phases respectively. So you don’t burn yourself out initially, you stay committed and you see the results after 90 days!

Also there’s a handy nutrition guide setting out of what you need a to eat. The results off this programme have been great and are a super gateway to other more extreme BeachBody programmes.

My next choice is Focus T25.


This is a 25minute routine for 5-6 days (Friday’s are double but I usually did the second on Saturdays) with a stretch day too. This is a cardio and resistance routine by the King of Cardio- Shaun T.

I loved doing this programme, get in, get it done and there’s no breaks. Again there’s a modifier for every move. The Alpha round starts you off, it becomes familiar as time goes on. You can actually turn up the background music too once you familiarise yourself with the routines. I recommend this as it really spurs you on. The next round is Beta, builds on the Alpha round moves, ups the complexity of moves and adds some weights. BeachBody kindly add in a resistance band to start you off but I’d suggest getting a light dumbbell as you progress – honestly 3-5kgs is more than enough even for strong dudes/galls. My favourite workout is actually ally Speed 2.0 I always turned the volume up on it and got a little bit too into it. Yeah you may find yourself randomly going “up, centre, back, centre, in, out, in, out ” during the day like I did lol.

There is the option for a third Gamma round. Again it builds on the previous round and gives a great workout.

Doing all 3 phases leaves you at 90 days and I got totally ripped doing this.

The key is focusing and engaging in every single move

Again there’s a simple nutrition plan to support the programme.

Finally and my actual number 1 recommendation is – The 21 Day Fix!!!


This is a programme my a Autumn Calabrese and is the shortest of all programmes. It only lasts 21 days, the workouts are 30 minutes long with a number of different varieties to keep you guessing if you do successive rounds. The big plus to this programme is the Eating Plan and containers. The workouts are intense as any other and have a great modifier built in. But as I said earlier the key to health is nutrition and this is where this plan excels beyond any other.

You initially work out your caloric range based on your goals, this gives you how many of each container you need to eat during a day. Each container has a list of foods and even adds a few treats. You split your containers across the day and base your food intake on this. Simple and effective. I find spreading them out across 3 meals and 3 snacks works perfectly for me. This is a simple solution to people who are confused about their nutrition and what to eat initially. You will not go hungry on this plan either as the food is filling and nutritious.

You can also easily plan out you eating daily and it really becomes second nature, there’s a variety of foods for each container so you won’t get bored it’s not all plain chicken and rice every day.

Once you master the nutrition plan you can migrate this across to many other BeachBody programmes and is a real investment. BeachBody have recognised this and include these containers with their latest programme Insanity Max 30. Insanity Max 30 is not a recommended programme for newbies, pick it up later down the line.

I have attached below a document which transcribes the 21 Day Fix nutrition plan – what foods are in which containers, how many of each container for each calorie range etc.  It will also show to anyone considering that programme what foods are in the plan.  Print it off, keep it in the kitchen and refer to it.

21 Day Fix Nutrition Plan

Irrespective of the programme you choose BeachBody have a money back guarantee so it’s no risk if you don’t like them – you won’t get your gym membership refunded folks! All these programmes can be done in the privacy of your own home and if you need to you can pause – you can’t pause a gym class. Once you have bought the programmes and decided to keep them you can keep on doing and rotating them – it’s a one off cost. Many of these programmes can be done on the go too, if you travel with work you don’t need a hotel gym they can be easily done in your hotel room!

Whatever you decide to do, kudos to you for starting. Regardless of where you start from you will always progress if stay committed. As BeachBody says – decide, commit, succeed!

If you have any questions or comments please drop me message here or by email

Yours in fitness & health


Tony Mac



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