Lack of Sleep & P90X

It’s week 3 Day 1 of Classic P90X, as per the calendar that means -> Chest & Back and ARX. I was looking forward to the chest pump of Chest & Back today but my little angel had other ideas. Last night was a horrid night, late to bed, soreness and interrupted sleep. 

So let’s back up a little, yesterday was a lazy day at home. That was until we had to go out and run and errand for the delightful mother in law. Junior went along for the ride and fell asleep mid afternoon. Every parents worst nightmare. Combine that with Autism and you get a very late night. So late to bed it was and then he was up every few hours at 1,3 and 5am. Complaints of soreness prompted reliable calpol and then nurofen. (Or suitable alternate brands). A word of advice on that try and leave 3 hours between these initially – first calpol and then 3 hours later nurofen. The staggering means the child won’t be without pain relief. 

So 7am came around and the little guy was up bouncing about looking breakfast. Today’s order was brioche. Off to nursery he went. 

My P90X journey just did not happen today. I had setup everything but was yawning and feeling very tired and sleepy. I started off, got through the warmup. Thinking yes I can do this. First round held up my numbers from last week – 40 standard push ups, 20 wide grip pull ups, 28 military push ups and 16 reverse grip chin ups. Disaster during the break. I sat down to look at my next numbers and hit a wall. Couldn’t stop yawning and a wave of tiredness hit me. Got to do 28 double wide push ups and just collapsed. Energy gone. Sapped into a black hole. I paused the DVD and just did shavasna on the mat for about 20 mins. 

So P90X ground to a halt, no ARX either. I’ve looked at my calendar and I will repeat today next Monday and shift the other days accordingly. I will drop X stretch on Wednesday of next to make room. 

Currently watching Twin Peaks S3. Up to ep3 when I decided to take a break and write this. It’s as weird as every – brilliant. Also attempting not to take an afternoon nap. 

Until later in the week



P90X2 Calorie Burn

Afternoon folks

It’s been a busy few weeks and I have eventually got around to calculating my calorie burn for each of the P90X2 workouts.  I’ve attached it in the pdf and honestly it ain’t too shabby.  Some great burns and my results were excellent.  Better all around my core and in much better shape to attach Insanity The Asylum Vol 1 – that’s my current programme.  I thought I would tackle a programme with focuses on athleticism like P90X2.

Although the P90X2 workouts were providing great calorie burns I can see why it gets knocked for having a poor calorie burn on a weekly basis.  There are 2 recovery and mobility days which can bring the weekly total calorie burn down.  But you are spent those other workout days.  But I can’t complain I loved the programme and think its a great follow on from P90X3 for many people.

I’ll post a comprehensive review of Insanity the Asylum in the coming days as I almost have it complete.  Its a very short programme that really delivers.

Yours in health & fitness

Tony Mac


P90X2 Average Calorie Burn

PS I should not that I lost 3 kg and gained a few inches on biceps and chest but lost inches on my waist hips and legs.  The results posted are for a 33 year old male at 69Kg.

Get your greens – Hulk Juice

It’s well documented the importance of fruit and vegetable servings to be consumed on a daily basis, 11 not the Governments 5 as you recommended daily intake.

Getting these servings can be a pain, here’s my current greens juice to help you get those extra servings squeezed into your diet.


2 handfuls of kale
1 handful of romain lettuce
1/2 handful of broccoli
2 celery stalks
Fresh coriander
1 apple
Flax seed
Coconut shavings
1 tsp Wheatgrass powder
Ice cubes
Some water
Some leucine for added BCAAs

Blend in the vitamix blender, or whatever type you have, some like it thicker find the consistency that suits you best.

A healthy greens drink that can be an effective pre workout drink


Depending on the veg and season I change this up, variety is key in a balance nutrition plan.

Let me know how you get on!

Yours in fitness & health


Tony Mac


Sunday Morning Farewell to P90X3 – For Now…..

It’s a calm Sunday morning in the house as I’ve just finished P90X3 dynamix and completed 17 weeks of P90X3.  Truthfully it flew in and yes I did the Elite Block – that Complex training will tear you down and shred you like nothing before.  Ab Ripper X3 is a real different set of Ab routines, can’t say its much better than the original but definitely challenging.

So I’m now sitting here and filling in the BeachBody claim you t shirt form and looking at my before and after pictures and honestly theres a massive difference in me.  I loved this programme so fast paced, enjoyable and different routines.  I will miss you P90X3 but I will be back again.  Some reviewers think that with the advent of P90X3 it’s removed the need for the original P90X, I disagree it provides the gateway to completing P90X yes the workouts are 60 mins long and you have the mammoth yoga at 90 minutes!! but it’s the original and I really enjoy it and the variety of exercises it gives me.  Variety is the spice of life!

So what’s next?  P90X2….. the often forgotten and looked down upon programme.  The complex routines of P90X3 Elite Block gave me a real hunger to try P90X2 which has these post activation potentiation (PAP) routines.

I’ll be posting a little background on P90X2 shortly so check it out when you have the time.

Thanks again for taking the time to read my blog

Yours in fitness & health


Tony Mac

P90X3 DVD Completed Workout Sheets P90X3