Let’s talk about P90X Yoga & some alternatives

It’s hard if not impossible to have a conversation with anyone who has attempted or completed P90x without complaints arising surrounding Yoga. That’s my experience anyway, it is a behemoth at 90 minutes long and is by far the longest of any workout.

I’ll be honest I have never completed the full 90 minutes, never have and unlikely I ever will. I have completed the 90 minutes; simply I’ve split it into 2 parts. The first 50 minutes is yoga the second part is pure balance poses. So I split the workout like that. I did the yoga in the morning and if I had time I would do the balance poses in the evening. That’s option 1 and probably a very good option for most

The next alternative is Tony Hortons One on One series which has a yoga work out called fountain of youth. This is my go to yoga workout for P90X. It’s got all the good stuff and is a really fun 45 minutes including some great stretching routines at the end. The down side of this is you will need a region unlocked DVD – many codes are available online for free to unlock DVD players.

You may also swap in P90x2 Yoga (67 minutes) or P90x3 yoga (30 minutes) or 21 Day Fix Yoga (30 minutes). However you will need to have bought these programmes and spending extra £’s may now be in everyone’s budget.

For the wrestling fans it’s worth checking out DDP yoga previously know as YRG (Yoga for Regular Guys). This a yoga programme created by former wrestler Diamond Dallas Page (DDP). A number of former and current wrestlers from Jake the Snake Roberts and Chris Jericho follow this programme and have helped with rehabilitation. If you have some free time check out Arthur Boorman’s life changing DDP yoga results ( Arthur Boorman DDP ). This a fun routine with many moves renamed, warrior poses are Road Warrior and crow/crane is Black Crow etc. Routines range from 20 minutes to 50 minutes depending on the routine selected. Again it will mean you need to shell out for another full program.

You could go to a local yoga class – yes this defeats the purpose of working out at home but it’s a great way to ensure your poses are correct and get started in yoga.

Finally there are plenty of online resources from YouTube to apps that teach yoga with varying costs, lengths and abilities. These free resources are a great way to get some yoga moves into your P90x routine without spending any more money.

Yes P90X yoga is a behemoth, it’s the workout Tony always gets a hard time about due to its length. Perhaps running a close second is Kenpo X and Wesley Idols poor poor horse stance. Buts nevertheless the first 50 minutes of yoga are gold and should be the first stop for anyone doing P90x for the first time and it costs nothing. Even alternate weeks between the yoga and balance routine.

Any questions folks, just ask below!

Yours in fitness & health


Tony Mac