P90X2 Week 1 Results

A week of P90X2 Phase 1 – Complete and accounted for.  To be fair going back to hour workouts has been tough, but a week into it and I’m actually feeling much better than expected.  Weight wise I haven’t gained or lost, but purely on looks my core is significantly more toned and my shoulders are looking leaner.  I have to admit Saturday my legs, particularly my shins where very sore.

This programme has been supplemented with a good diet and adding a new greens juice.  I’ll post a recipe for that later.

Apologies for not posting this yesterday but it was hectic with a day out at the Armagh Planetarium to a Doctor Who Fan Event – Dimensions In Time.  A phenomenal event organised by the Emerald Garrison, our oldest loved the Tardis Console, the Doctors, the aliens and the atmosphere.  The youngest, eh, he wasn’t so fussed but then this is a little guy scared of Santa Claus!

So week one had a total calorie burn of 3,851.  Reviewing this against both P90X and Insanity this is a similar calorie burn but bear in mind there are only 4 intense workouts, one active recovery day (yoga) and 2 stretch/Recovery & Mobility workouts.  Focus T25 was less than half of this although thats to be expected.  One of the biggest complaints I ever heard about P90X2 is lack of calorie burn, one week in and I can’t find that to be true.  I will be keeping a weekly review of this and keeping an eye on it.

This morning was X2 Core again and I can happily say I upped all my numbers from last week in all exercises apart from the last one – one legged med ball burpees.  I just can’t do 12 in the time allowed, so I think next week it will be doing 12 in whatever time it takes. Sorry Tony but…I…will…just…have…to…pause..you, ok I’ll stop that as its annoying to type and equally read.

Looking forward to upping all my numbers this week.

Today I also used the last of my BSN NO Xplode V3 – our youngest was up late and therefore so was I and needed a little kick start this morning.  I’ll also be doing a review on it this week.

Until the next blog, yours in fitness & health


Tony Mac


P90X2 Day 4 Part 1 – X2 Total Body

The week is flying by, over half way there and I have to day I’m hating it but loving.  Total was Total Body and really the first day of off balance training.  Between boing push ups, med ball push ups and warrior 3 kickbacks I struggled through this.  Again as I watched it last night I was familiar with the routines so I could concentrate on my form and range of motion.  Honestly I went easy on the weights today, thats one thing with X2 you really can’t go heavy, I’m looking at you triceps kickbacks on a stability ball.  My left side is not as strong as my right so I had to take a few short stops to reassert positions etc, but that will come with time.

I actually didn’t use any weight above 7 kg today, it was assessing by tolerance and I certainly don’t want to go too heavy on the first day and do some damage.

Todays workout clocked in at an awesome 1 hour 2 minutes and burned 653 calories, very close to Plyocide burn.  Again you have the 20 minutes of warmup, 8 minute cool down and 34 minute workout.

Equipment wise there was a lot, dumbbells, PowerBlocks, Stability ball, Rumble Roller, Medicine Balls (5kg x 2), mat and pull up station.  The BeachBody Chin Up bar is the superior one here, I could only do 3 positions not 4 on mine, so the BeachBody one made an appearance today.

Post workout I’ve been wondering what am I going to get out of this programme, sadly today I got no pump – I need to go heavier perhaps.  But my core was engaged throughout the entire workout and that’s what I am looking for – I’m building a strong core fitness, I’ve noticed a visible tightening above the hips and abs already.  When I first started in body building I spent the first 6 months focused on core moves and building a core strength to handle the big lifts (deadlifts, squats, bench press etc) and it served me well.  I never damaged or injured myself seriously, yes a few minor niggles but nothing that sidelined me for weeks or months.  Often when I got a niggle I would take that as a sign from my body to take a rest week, some active recovery and stop lifting the heavy weights that week.  It worked and with the inbuilt recovery weeks in the BeachBody programmes this also works.

This afternoon its X2 Ab Ripper, I was a fan of the original and thought the X3 one was fair but nothing like the original.  This one will be interesting.  Yes I don’t do Ab Ripper immediately after my workout, its 2 fold.  Firstly it’s timing, doing both leaves your workout at 80 minutes.  Glycogen levels are depleted and the 62 minute routine is tough enough some rest is required.  Secondly, first thing in the morning I just do not have the time 60 minutes yes, 80 no – with a family to get out Ab Ripper can wait.

I’ll post a very quickly later about the Ab Ripper but tomorrow is my favourite – Yoga.  More posts tomorrow; not just on Yoga but a blog about the alternative yoga routines especially the behemoth P90X Yoga at 90 minutes!!!!!

Yours in fitness & health


Tony Mac

P90X2 X2 Recovery & Mobility


Hello myofascial release and the infamous Rumble Roller.

I have to say myself and Rumble Roller are old friends I’ve been using it on and off for about 3 years now.  As a bodybuilder I used to get sports massages but often I used this Rumble Roller to supplement it, the odd niggle could easily be sorted out.  I was prone to knots in back especially around my right shoulder blade and the Rumble Roller was great for sorting this out – along with a tennis ball and door frame.  But thats another story for another day.

It was actually a fairly quick routine even though it was 57 minutes long.  I have to say by step back lunge twist and squat press both improved.  Not so much with the Single Leg Touch Down – thats a familiar move from P90X3 – and was already pretty good at it.

I wouldn’t say this is a rushed routine; for a user familiar with the Rumble Roller it was just the right amount of time but for a novice please take your time with these moves watch out for joints etc.  I found those trigger points and worked them.  I’ve been told by users of the regular foam roller that it’s also pretty effective, I just prefer the hardcore action of the Rumble Roller.  Even during my old sports massages I liked firm pressure.

Now this is a routine that people may bore quickly from as its done twice a week every week so potentially 26 times in this programme.  Tony’s jokes will get old so it may be the case that once you master the routines you may wish to spend time without the DVD.  I’m going to give it a few weeks and then spend the first day working on the lower half of my body and the second day the upper.  I may spend an hour or longer, this is definitely one to take at your own pace.

If you are looking for additional resources youtube is excellent, theres a huge variety of channels that focus on different problem areas for people and using the Rumble Roller/Foam Roller for myofascial release.  I found Mark Cheng of Tia Cheng to be very useful he also uses a number of pieces of equipment for mobility and recovery purposes including the TRX system.

The calorie burn today was a meagre 246kCals, well below anything so far but its not about a calorie burn.  Reviewing my performance I noticed my heart rate in the “fat burning” zone for 46% of this workout.  That’s pretty good as my Plyocide was on 16% yesterday – pure cardio people.  Thats something for me to consider going forward as to where these workouts leave my heart rate.

Still loving it and bringing it everyday.  Looking forward to tomorrows X2 Total Body & Ab Ripper.  I’ll be doing the Total Body workout in the morning and Ab Ripper in the evening as that’s what has worked for me in the past.

Until tomorrow, keep it healthy and clean.

Yours in fitness & health


Tony Mac

P90X2 – Phase 1. Shall we begin?

That’s a resounding yes today to getting up early and pumped to get stuck into P90X2 Phase 1 Foundation.  This mornings routine was X2 Core, I expected it to be tough and boy was it.  Those stability ball burpees are something else I really struggled with it but got through it.

After 57 minutes including warm up (20 mins), exercise (31 mins) and cool down (6 mins) I had burned 637 kCals.  Now thats not bad, especially considering reviews of P90X2 have slated it for a low calorie burn.  So going forward I’m actually going to track my calorie burn over all the workouts.  I’m not usually one for counting calories in my diet so this will be new territory for me.  I’ll be tracking calorie burn using my Polar RCX5 I didn’t use it during P90X3 but did in P90X and T25.  So it will be interesting to see average weekly burns.  I’ll also be tracking my weekly weight and see how results are progressing.  I will posting up a calendar and tracker on my Facebook page shortly so be sure to check it out.

My core is burning and I’m sweating so job done.  Downing loads of water and post workout today it’s MyProtein Recovery XS in a Promixx Shaker.  I’ll do a post on my current supplements in the coming days.  I change my supplements regularly as just with training programmes I believe the body gets used to different products leading to plateaus.

Tomorrow it’s Plyocide so I will keep you posted on that.

Yours in fitness & health


Tony Mac


Sunday Morning Farewell to P90X3 – For Now…..

It’s a calm Sunday morning in the house as I’ve just finished P90X3 dynamix and completed 17 weeks of P90X3.  Truthfully it flew in and yes I did the Elite Block – that Complex training will tear you down and shred you like nothing before.  Ab Ripper X3 is a real different set of Ab routines, can’t say its much better than the original but definitely challenging.

So I’m now sitting here and filling in the BeachBody claim you t shirt form and looking at my before and after pictures and honestly theres a massive difference in me.  I loved this programme so fast paced, enjoyable and different routines.  I will miss you P90X3 but I will be back again.  Some reviewers think that with the advent of P90X3 it’s removed the need for the original P90X, I disagree it provides the gateway to completing P90X yes the workouts are 60 mins long and you have the mammoth yoga at 90 minutes!! but it’s the original and I really enjoy it and the variety of exercises it gives me.  Variety is the spice of life!

So what’s next?  P90X2….. the often forgotten and looked down upon programme.  The complex routines of P90X3 Elite Block gave me a real hunger to try P90X2 which has these post activation potentiation (PAP) routines.

I’ll be posting a little background on P90X2 shortly so check it out when you have the time.

Thanks again for taking the time to read my blog

Yours in fitness & health


Tony Mac

P90X3 DVD Completed Workout Sheets P90X3


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