P90X2 – Phase 1. Shall we begin?

That’s a resounding yes today to getting up early and pumped to get stuck into P90X2 Phase 1 Foundation.  This mornings routine was X2 Core, I expected it to be tough and boy was it.  Those stability ball burpees are something else I really struggled with it but got through it.

After 57 minutes including warm up (20 mins), exercise (31 mins) and cool down (6 mins) I had burned 637 kCals.  Now thats not bad, especially considering reviews of P90X2 have slated it for a low calorie burn.  So going forward I’m actually going to track my calorie burn over all the workouts.  I’m not usually one for counting calories in my diet so this will be new territory for me.  I’ll be tracking calorie burn using my Polar RCX5 I didn’t use it during P90X3 but did in P90X and T25.  So it will be interesting to see average weekly burns.  I’ll also be tracking my weekly weight and see how results are progressing.  I will posting up a calendar and tracker on my Facebook page shortly so be sure to check it out.

My core is burning and I’m sweating so job done.  Downing loads of water and post workout today it’s MyProtein Recovery XS in a Promixx Shaker.  I’ll do a post on my current supplements in the coming days.  I change my supplements regularly as just with training programmes I believe the body gets used to different products leading to plateaus.

Tomorrow it’s Plyocide so I will keep you posted on that.

Yours in fitness & health


Tony Mac